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Cathy Donoghue; 20 Years At Variohm.

Following the celebration of Alan Gilbert’s 30 years of employment at Variohm, we are now announcing the 20 year anniversary of employment for our Operations Director Cathy Donoghue.

Where Cathy’s Journey with Variohm Began.

Cathy’s 20 years of employment doesn’t include the 2 years she was employed part time; as a family member she had the added bonus of being very familiar with the people who worked here and wanted to get stuck in from a young age. However, her familiarity with the employees didn’t stop her from being – in her own words – “an inexperienced teenager who didn’t really have a clue”.

With very few employees including just two salesmen, everyone knew one another very well. There was a lot more flexibility between roles when Cathy started working here. Everyone could cover everyone else.

Changes for Variohm and for Cathy.

Things are constantly changing here at Variohm – one of the things that Cathy loves. We now have a team of forty people on site and are part of the Variohm Holdings group, which joins four companies. Everyone’s job role is more defined than it was in the early years of Cathy’s career here but we are pleased to be able to say that the great sense of team work still applies.

Cathy’s job role has changed many times over the years, from answering the phone and invoicing, to dealing with returns, being involved with IT, being qualified in HR responsibilities and Director Qualifications.

“Variohm offers me chances to be involved in so many things” says Cathy. We are very supportive of staff education and training. During her employment Cathy has completed many qualifications including an MBA, a CIPD qualification and, most recently, a Directors Qualification, to name a few.                   

What does the Future hold

No one knows what the future holds; the only guarantee is that there will be change. In order to support the change Cathy is looking forward to having the opportunity to learn more skills and gain more qualifications, she says; “This is what makes Variohm such a fantastic place to work, the excitement and challenge of a growing company.” 

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