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Manufacturer of Custom Advanced Sensor Solutions

Sensor Manufacturer

Variohm Eurosensor manufacturers a wide range of sensors. We offer custom sensor solutions for specific industry needs, making your machines smarter, safer and more efficient.


Manufacturing custom designed sensors and tailoring our exisiting products has always been a capability of ours. Our production and engineering facilities have expanded in recent years and we have now supplied over 1 million custom sensors to our customers.

Sensor manufacturing at Variohm

In our manufacturing facility we produce many types of custom sensors including position, pressure, temperature and inclination. Our new products are often designed and manufactured based on the feedback we receive from our existing customers and trends within different industries. This keeps our product range up-to-date and ensures we have desirable features to suit our customers and their applications.

For custom solutions, we aim for 8 weeks from receipt of order to delivery but this is subject to change based on the length of the design process and how many units are required.

The custom products we engineer and manufacture complements the standard ranges we offer meaning we are confident we will be able to supply any sensor for any application.

Having the capability to modify and customise sensors enables us to provide competitive sensor solutions to our customers when standard ranges may not be suitable for the task at hand.

Order quantities for custom sensors

Most manufacturers have a minimum order quantity (or MOQ) for bespoke sensors. At Variohm we are happy to support our customers even at low volume so that no application is compromised. We will even consider designing bespoke one-off products if required. 

Sensor manufacturing with Variohm Group

Variohm Eurosensor is part of Variohm Group. Within Variohm Group our capabilities have an even further reach.

CPI - Precision switching products and linear position sensors

Heason Technology – Motion control specialist

Herga Technology – Switching and sensing solutions

Ixthus Instrumentation – Test and measurement specialist

Limitor - Components to control temperature, current and time 

Positek - Linear, rotary, tilt, submersible and intrinsically safe position sensors.

Phoenix America - Sensor and encoder manufacturing solutions 

Variohm Eurosensor – Sensor and transducer supplier and manufacturer

All companies are part of DiscoverIE plc.

With our expanding skillset and a thriving team, we are ready for the challenges ahead – if you can’t find a product suitable for your application on our website contact us.

Manufacturer of Custom Advanced Sensor Solutions Manufacturer of Custom Advanced Sensor Solutions Manufacturer of Custom Advanced Sensor Solutions

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