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Our Production Department -  50% of everything we now distribute is customer specific

Back in 2012 we introduced our new purpose built production facility, during the past 5 years we have made the full transition from an occasional customisation request, to almost 50% of everything we now distribute being customer specific in one way

During this time, our production staff has grown from a team of 3 to an impressive and still increasing team of 19 employees.

As our team and skills have grown we have been able to offer customisations of existing products as well as fully develop our own products from concept through to release.  Customers often come to us with design problems that can only be solved with a custom designed product and between the Variohm Sales team and our Design & Manufacturing team we are able to provide a suitable solution to satisfy most demands.  This can range from adding a connector to a sensor, to a fully integrated temperature probe assembly, right up to a custom moulding and integrated sensor housing to meet the demands of vehicle manufactures.

Quality in our Production Department

 Quality is the key to our success, and having robust processes for both manufacture and test ensures we get it right first time.  Our ISO9001:2015 accreditation ensures we maintain our high standards, and is the driving force behind our continuous improvement program.

Temperature Probes

 Temperature probes are our speciality and the foundation of our production facility.  We have moved from being a supplier of other people’s products to designing and assembling fully customised probes for every industry imaginable.  We have the capability to reverse engineer products, customise anything in our distributor range or even design something from the ground up.  We can handle volumes from one part up to tens of thousands per year.  We can hold stock of components and finished assemblies to ensure we can meet our customer delivery requirements in a timely manner.

 We are currently manufacturing an average of 2,500 temperature probes per week in our production department. This means that in early 2018 the total quantity of temperature probes manufactured by Variohm will hit one million!  This is an amazing achievement for us to reach in just over 5 years.

Calibrations and Repairs

 Calibrations and repairs are another aspect we can offer at Variohm, backed up by our specialist Repairs Technicians.  This ensures Variohm can provide the full product lifecycle package with calibration, diagnosis and repairs all being carried out on-site with a quick turnaround to help keep our customers operational.

 Richard Kelley our Manufacturing Manager has been working at Variohm since August 2012. He has seen this side of the business grow to what it is today, he says; “I have enjoyed the challenges of bringing design and manufacturing to Variohm, and helping to shape the processes needed to achieve our current capabilities.  We never stop evolving, and we are always looking for the next growth areas to increase our capabilities and services on offer. The next 5 years will see more innovative products from Variohm and further expansion of our manufacturing facility to support these.”

Article published on: 11/12/2017