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A visit from our American Distribution Partner

We have distribution partners all over the globe. Our American partners are Royal Distributors Inc. We were recently visited by Terry and Alma; it was great to have a catch up.

Terry and Alma were in the UK for 2 nights and we had a lot to fit in.

The first day RDI were at our Herga site where they were given a tour of the facility and filled in on all of the changes. Terry and Alma have not been to see us since 2013 and there have been a lot of updates and changes since then. We have changed our Research and Development Culture, we have restructured our sales team and we have a whole host of new products and designs.

The next day Graham, our Group Managing Director, met with Terry and Alma to discuss business plans for the future, they all then travelled to Towcester to the Variohm offices. Of course, dinner was had at Carsten’s favourite restaurant in the area, Sakura!

The last day of the visit was spent at the Variohm office where we were able to discuss our capabilities for engineering and production. This is a part of our business which has grown over the past 6 years, and a lot has changed since the last time RDI visited the site in 2013.

Overall we had a great time Terry comments We enjoyed seeing all the changes and meeting all the new and familiar faces since our last visit

Graham says “It’s always good to have face-to-face meetings with our distribution partners. This visit was successful on all accounts and we look forward to future business with RDI”