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Alison and Maisie Achieve Google Certifications

This month, two of our employees have spent some of their personal time studying and have passed certifications which are accredited by Google.

Alison and Maisie, who work on our marketing for Variohm and other companies within the group, have both studied at home and achieved their certifications.

Maisie has completed a certification from the Google Digital Garage – The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. This is an introductory course to digital marketing with Google, it is accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. This course incorporates all aspects of digital marketing including; analytics, selling online, turning data into insights, social media, content marketing, online business strategy and other topics. The recommended study time to complete this qualification is 40 hours. Maisie studied in the evenings at home and took the online examination to gain the certificate.

Alison has completed the Analytics courses in the Google Analytics Academy and has also passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification and the Google Ads Certification from Googles Academy for Ads. The Analytics courses focus on how Google Analytics work and how to get the most out of the data it can provide. The Google Ads Certification tests knowledge of the Google Marketing Platform Google Ads which is an important aspect of search engine marketing. The Google Ads Certification has two exams; Google Ads Fundamentals and then one other exam in one aspect of Google Ads, Alison chose the Google Ads Search as this is the channel that Variohm Holdings use for their advertising. Because Google is constantly upgrading and adapting their marketing platforms these exams are only valid for 12 months and need to be re-taken once they expire.

Alison says “Because they expire after 12 months, this is the 3rd time I have taken these exams. This time they were very different to the last time I took them. It’s very useful to keep on top of because it gives me ideas on how Variohm, Ixthus, Herga and Heason can get the most out of their Analytics data and Advertising platforms.”

The qualifications from the Google Digital Garage, Analytics Academy and Academy for Ads are free of charge and can be done online at any time.

Other Studies for Maisie and Alison

The Google Certifications that Maisie and Alison have achieved are just a small part of the training they are undertaking. As the world of Digital Marketing and Communication grows, we are investing more in our Digital Marketing efforts and upskilling the people involved.

 In September 2018 Alison began her CIM Masters Level 7 qualification in Marketing – the Marketing Leadership Programme through Oxford College of Marketing. Alison is studying via distance learning and weekend classes to complete the qualification. She is hoping to complete the qualification by the end of 2019. As Alison has been working on Marketing at Variohm for a number of years, this is the third qualification she has studied with Oxford College.

Alison says “It’s great to have Variohm’s support for my professional development. I have learnt a lot about marketing for business through the CIM qualifications I have completed. I felt like now was a good time to start the Masters Level qualification as I completed the Level 6 diploma in 2015 and am ready for a new challenge. So far it is going well – one module down, two to go!”

Masie is studying the CIM level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing also from Oxford College. She is attending weekly evening classes to learn the course content. She is thoroughly enjoying the course so far and is getting stuck into her first assignment.

Maisie says “I am enjoying studying marketing alongside my job, it is giving me a deeper insight into why we do what we do here at Variohm. Working here has given me access to learn new aspects of business and experience new challenges – so thank you for the support”

In the past, Maisie also studied an NVQ Level 2 in Business and Admin, this has also helped develop her career at Variohm as she has many other responsibilities within the office.

Qualifications At Variohm

At Variohm, we know that giving our employees an opportunity to study and gain qualifications and certifications alongside their career is beneficial for both the individual and us as a business. It is beneficial to invest in our people and give them all the tools they need to complete their daily tasks to the best of their ability.