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Alison becomes Google Certified

Another of our employees has successfully passed qualifications. Alison, our Digital Marketing Co-ordinator has spent some time renewing her Google Certifications.

As part of her ongoing training plan with Variohm, Alison has been training with Hallam Internet who helped her to achieve her AdWords and Analytics Certifications

Why Become Google Certified?

As the world of Marketing and Communications becomes more digital, we have found it important to be online to acquire new business and communicate with existing customers. Alison has been attending training on a regular basis for over three years now to make sure that her Digital Marketing knowledge is up-to-date. She has regular training sessions in all aspects of digital marketing including; social media for business, online advertising and search engine optimisation. 

Becoming Google Certified gives a wider understanding of how Google Analytics and Google AdWords work and how they can be used for business.

To become Google Certified you must first become a Google Partner then work through the training and take exams. Alison passed both her AdWords and Analytics qualifications whilst at the Hallam Internet Offices in November.

As digital marketing changes regularly and Google is constantly updating and adding new algorithms, these certifications are valid for 12 to 18 months only. Because of this expiry time, this is the second time Alison has passed these exams since she has been working on our digital marketing.

Alison says “I enjoyed taking these exams again, it’s a good way to test your knowledge and keep on-top of Google's new algorithms and updates – there are constantly new things to learn.”

We find that offering our employees training and qualification opportunities benefits both them as individuals and us as a business. We have many of our employees studying for various qualifications to give them the tools and information they need to work efficiently within their job role. 

Article published on: 09/12/2016