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Apprentice Opportunities at Variohm; Nathan and Jordan

You may have seen in the past that we are offering Apprenticeships.

Our first two Apprentices, Nathan and Jordan, started working at Variohm in 2014. They completed their level 3 Btec in Mechanical Engineering before the summer and have just started their HNC in Mechanical Engineering which is another 2 year qualification.  

This time last year we made a video with Jordan and Nathan to give you more information about what opportunities and experience they have had whilst they have been working with us. Here at Variohm, we believe that we offer our Apprentices opportunities they may not receive elsewhere. Find out more about what they have been up to over the past 12 months.

About the Qualifications.

The first qualification we offered our apprentices was the 2 year BTec in Mechanical Engineering. Both Nathan and Jordan have now passed this section and have moved on to the HNC; a second 2 year qualification with a 1 year top-up to HND level.

Extra Apprentice Opportunities.

We have offered Nathan and Jordan lots of extra opportunities over the past two years and continue to offer experience where we can. Over the past twelve months, they have both spent some time in our accounts department and our returns department. As part of their ongoing development, we think it is important for them to get a feel of the business as a whole and not be restricted to the one department which they work in.

Nathan says “I was put into the returns department where I was receiving enquiries about ongoing returns and also new returns which customers would wish to take out on our internal register. This was something which was rather beneficial to our understanding of the company as a whole because although I personally had dealt with returns, I would be on the other side of this role, I would be the person that would inspect goods and also repair parts.”

As we are part of a holdings group, we were also able to offer Nathan and Jordan some time at one of our sister companies Herga Technology. Working at Herga allowed Jordan and Nathan to complete one of the modules of their qualification whilst being exposed to a different working environment. They each spent three weeks there, part of the tasks included designing the new Innovation Pod – find out more about their visit here.

Working at Herga was an opportunity we were able to offer our apprentices because of the position we are in. Being part of a Holdings group who work together closely means we can use our differences to help with the education of our apprentices.

Nathan and Jordan, Variohm Apprentice Opportunities  

What our Apprentices Think…

Nathan and Jordan are really enjoying studying and working with us and the opportunities they are experiencing – here are their thoughts;

Nathan – “The experience with Variohm and this apprenticeship could not be better, the amount of opportunities I have had personally to work with others of such great experience and also knowledge has been incredible. The education system cannot allow people to come in contact with these types of people like you can whilst working in a business. I continue to learn every day and find new ways of solving problems which overall increase my all rounded knowledge of the engineering sector. I can honestly say that my choice to go forward with completing an apprenticeship has been only positive and am looking forward to the future and the opportunities it shall bring.”

Jordan – “Once again I would just like to thank Variohm for the wide range of opportunities given to me as an apprentice and would highly recommend apprenticeships in general for anyone thinking about going into a specific/specialist career as an apprenticeship offers the best of both worlds – gain valuable on the job experience and receive the qualifications to go alongside the work based knowledge.”

We will be looking at recruiting more apprentices in 2017; more information will be available in the New Year. If you are interested in applying please contact us.  

Article published on: 25/10/2016