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Ben Completes AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting

Ben Moffatt has been working in our accounts department for three years and has been studying and gaining qualifications through the AAT during this time.

You may have read about his level 2 qualification in a previous blog post – this year he has successfully completed the Level 3 Diploma in Accounting.

Studying for the AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting

To gain the knowledge required to pass this course, Ben attended evening classes twice a week and learnt through home study. There were six units to complete each with an exam as the final assessment. The six units were;

Accounts Preparation

Prepare final Accounts for Sole Traders and Partnerships

Costs and Revenues

Indirect Tax

Spreadsheet Software

Professional Ethics

Completing the Level 3 diploma in Accounting means that he now has a qualification to show that his skills include;

Preparing year end accounts and financial statements for sole traders

Preparing management accounts using a range of techniques

Managing non-current asset registers and applying calculated depreciation

Preparing and completing accurate VAT returns

Preparing fixed and fixable budgets

Ben says “I enjoyed the course; it has been great to be able to progress from level 2 to level 3. I feel that a lot of the skills I have learnt at college have been useful to my day to day activities in the office so it has been well worth doing”

What’s Next?

Ben is hoping to continue his study to complete the Level 4 qualification this will give him a deeper understanding of accountancy and give him the skills to accomplish higher level tasks.

At Variohm we are firm believers in developing our employees. We think it is very important to offer our team members training and qualifications so that they have all the skills and knowledge required to complete their job role and to keep us up-to-date with the changing industries.

Ben says “I have completed lots of training and qualifications during my time at Variohm so far. It’s encouraging to have an employer who is willing to support their employees and help them to gain the qualifications they need”