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Decades of Employment

At Variohm we believe we provide a desirable working environment for our employees. Founded in 1974, we have grown over the past 45 years to the first class sensors manufacturer and distributor we are today.

Looking at how the company has grown over the years there is a number of employees who have been here for a long time; in fact, we have 16 employees currently employed at Variohm who have been working here for over a decade (some over two or three decades).

Career changes

Internal promotion and career changes are something we are open to, we like to offer our employees opportunities to learn and grow – most of the people who have been working at Variohm for over a decade have had several different job titles and job roles. As the company has grown and changed, new positions have become available and who better to take on the job role than an existing employee who already knows the inner workings of our business.

For example Emma Pochodzaj’s job role has changed over time and she became a manager after 4 and a half years of employment with us. Her job has progressed from Returns Administrator to Documentation Manager then to Admin Manager.

Alan Disbery is another of our employees who has taken on a management role as his career with us has progressed, his job titles have been; Position Sales Engineer, Load Cell Sales Engineer, Herga Sales Engineer, Herga Sales Manager, Internal Sales, Internal Sales Manager.

Alan Gilbert is our Warehouse Manager and probably our longest serving employee at the moment, during his 30+ years at Variohm he has had a variety of job roles, he describes his career at Variohm so far “I started making printed circuit boards (pcbs) then progressed to loading printed circuit boards and then building systems. When Variohm moved to the current site and stopped making pcbs I moved on to invoicing/purchasing/booking in, we weren’t as busy in those days; six despatches a day was a busy day compared to 40 currently. Then we started to add value to products and I was in charge of Goods in/despatch and production and now am head of a very successful warehouse.”


We like to ensure that our employees have all the knowledge and skills that they need in order to succeed, because of this we often help out our employees if they want to complete qualifications. This is one of the reasons we have so many employees working for us for a long time.

During their career with us so far many of our employees who have been working with us for over a decade have done some training or qualifications. Emma P has done 5 qualifications including an NVQ in management and a diploma in Human Resource practice. Alan Disbery has also completed an NVQ in management. Cathy Donoghue our Operations Director has taken on many training qualifications including an MBA and a level 7 CIPD postgraduate in HR.

Flexible working requests

Many of our employees don’t work the standard 9am to 5pm, this change in hours has often come about after people have become parents. Flexible working requests are something we have lots of experience with and generally we would rather keep our employees on different hours than lose them.

What our employees have to say

We spoke to some of our employees who have been working for us for over a decade, here is what they had to say

Emma P, Admin Manager “I have stayed with Variohm because I enjoy what I do and the challenges I face. Variohm have supported me through 5 qualifications and helped to develop my career over the past 11 years. It is local to where I live and I really enjoy working with the people within each company.”

Pat Goodridge, Sales Manager “My role and Variohm continues to be challenging and varied in regards to the market segments we supply into & the application of the sensors themselves. New technologies and developments in our sensor range mean that there are always new opportunities to be gained from these and a key factor in my continued motivation for the role.

 It has been a pleasure to see & be part of a business that has & continues to grow through a simple ethos of customer service & quality of product.”

Peter Smith, Repairs and Calibration “I have stayed with Variohm for some time because it does feel like a bit of a family sometimes as we are such a close knit work force.”

Carsten Walther is our Export Sales Manager and works in our German office; he says “It’s always interesting and new challenges as the business has developed over the years. Variohm has always continued to improve – not always quick but the company became better year on year in what Variohm does. I always found a lot of people I like to work with.”

Fay our Purchasing Assistant says “The adjustment from being part of a family owned business to being answerable to a plc company has been a big change, but it’s great to see how far the company has grown and the plans for the future”

Ben in our Accounts department started out working in the stores, he says “It’s crazy how much we have grown – we only had 1 computer in stores when I started with loads of manual entry – I don’t think it even had a flat screen and if two of us needed it the other person would have to wait until it was free.”

A Note from our Group Managing Director

“It is amazing to have so many employees who have worked at Variohm Eurosensor for over 10 years. Having worked here for over 20 years myself, it’s been great to see many people develop and succeed within the company and to welcome new faces along the way as our business has grown. Additionally, I’m proud to think of the amount of years combined experience we have and the benefit this brings to us and our customers.” Graham Pattison, Group Managing Director.

Article published on: 15/02/2019