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Employee Benefits at Variohm

Earlier this year, Real Business published an article about the most desired perks in the work place. These included; nap rooms, paid time off for birthdays, flexible working and more.

We are currently offering our employees extra benefits and (although we don’t have a nap room) many of our benefits are on this list. It’s great to know that we are offering perks that people are interested in. Here are a few of the employee benefits we have put in place;

Flexible working

Flexible working is something that we have started offering more recently. There are more and more employees requesting to change their hours. We like to work with our employees where possible and allow them to work hours which not only suit us, but suit them too. Many of our employees who are parents have altered their hours to fit with child care and school hours. Some of our sales team are using this opportunity to work from home one day a week. Our production department have also changed their hours so that they are working from 8 am to 4 pm.

Bonus scheme

We are offering our employees a bonus scheme which is performance based. This means that the bonus is dependent on whether targets are hit. This is a great incentive for people to work together and get their jobs done. Offering a bonus scheme really works for us as a business.

Health care benefits

We offer our employees free private healthcare cover for themselves with an option to upgrade to a cover which will stretch to include their children and partner. With the increasing cost of health care and the long waiting lists on the NHS we think that this is one of the most well-used employee benefit that we have.

Pension Schemes

Even before the compulsory pension contributions we have been providing our employees with work based pensions. We add a standard amount to each employee’s pension whether they contribute or not. This is a something we feel our employees can benefit from in the long run.

Other Perks

We also offer lots of other employee benefits here at Variohm;

Desk risers: A few years ago we heard that it was better for our health to stand rather than sit so all of our employees were offered desk risers so that they could stand while working. Many of them took us up on this offer and we now have roughly half of our employees standing at work.

Lunchtime rewards: This is another benefit we have at Variohm, if we hit our monthly target in invoicing we buy our employees a lunch, we usually opt for take away pizza but we have been known to consume a Chinese banquet or a very British fish ‘n’ chips from time to time. We have found that, as well as being delicious; it’s a great way to get the team together.

Training: Qualifications and training are valuable to us. We like to look after our employees and make sure that they have all the skills required to complete their jobs efficiently whilst giving them an opportunity to develop so training is very important. You will notice from our blog that we have a constant stream of people who are completing qualifications.

Overall we try to offer lots of benefits to our employees. We think that we have got the right balance for everyone.

Take a look at the article from Real Business about the most desired perks in the work place.

Like the look of these perks? We currenlty have some vacacies we are looking to fill. Take a look at our recruitment page here.

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