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Export Licenses and Dual use Declarations.

Our warehouse team has recently undergone some extra training. The training was delivered to us by Chadwick Export Services in Conjunction with Northampton Chamber of Commerce.

Benefits of Export Licenses and Dual Use Declaration Training.

Export legislation is changing all the time. It is important to us that our employees in our warehouse are up-to-date with the most recent changes to ensure that we comply with them. This will in turn ensure that that there are minimal mistakes in the warehouse when it comes to despatch and customer goods will be supplied in a timely manner.

The course lasted one day and took place in our offices. It was attended by Alan Gilbert, our warehouse manager and John, Troy, Mitchell and Matthew, some of our stores employees.

Here at Variohm, we think staff training is important and we like to give our employees support to succeed within their job role. Mitchell has completed lots of training through Variohm, from day release courses such as; telephone course and excel courses, to longer qualifications including and NVQ and, more recently, an LLA course. He attended the Export Licenses and Dual Use Declaration Training, he says “The course overall was extremely useful, it improved our knowledge on export controls particularly dual use items and applying for different variations of export licenses.”

Alan Gilbert says “We found the whole course very useful and relevant to our current jobs”.

About Northampton Chamber of Commerce

We often use the courses available to us from Northampton Chamber of Commerce. Many of our employees have taken part in telephone courses; excel courses and minute taking courses. We find these courses useful because lots of content tends to be covered in one day. Find out more about Northampton Chamber of Commerce by visiting their website. 

Article published on: 07/12/2015