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Fascinating Sensor Uses Thanks to Variohm

You may have read our recent blog post â€Interesting Sensor Applications you didn't know Variohm was a Part of" which looks back at some of our more interesting and unusual applications over the years.

We have been a part of so many weird and wonderful solutions; we have decided to share a few more with you.

What do you think of the following sensor uses? Have you come into contact with any of them?

CETs for Dover Harbour

The Port of Dover is the busiest international 24/7 roll-on roll-off ferry port in Europe.  How do you think the ramp is positioned to ensure that cars and other vehicles drive on and off the ferry’s with ease? They use Variohm sensors of course. In 2004, we supplied Cable Extension transducers which keep the loading ramps level. The ramps need to be adjusted depending on the height of the ferries as well as the difference in the tide. The range is about 2.5 meters but the accuracy of the ramp must be less than 5mm. When Dover Harbour Board changed from a manual system to an electronic system the best product to use was a Cable Extension Transducer in conjunction with digital readouts.

Interesting sensor uses incorporates different ways of travelling. Dover Harbour isn’t the only one; our sensors are also used on a more independent travel system…

Potentiometers for Segways

The LeanSteer system on the second generation of the self-balancing transportation device, The Segway, uses SP2800 potentiometers supplied by Variohm. The SP2800 is located at the pivoting base of the handle bar shaft, providing high band-width angular position feedback that measures the rider’s body angle, this is used as a reference to generate the lateral acceleration required to balance the Segway and the rider.

Thermistors in space

In 2009, we were able to provide some temperature sensors to NASA. The temperature sensors supplied were epoxy encapsulated thermistors; these were used to monitor the temperature of the battery packs used to power the life support system in the astronauts’ space suits. These battery packs were used to power different types of space suits including the “Extravehicular Mobility Units” (EMUs) which are the suits that Astronauts wear when walking in space.

This is another of the fascinating sensor uses that we have been able to be a part of over the years.

Have you heard of any of the above sensor uses? Did you know that Variohm was part of these applications? We’d love to hear what you think – why not get in touch via one of our social media channels;





Article published on: 09/01/2017