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First Aid Training at Our German Office

We want to ensure the safety of our employees so keeping up-to-date with First Aid certifications is very important to us.

Our German office First Aid training was up for renewal. Rocco, our Sales Engineer, took a day to visit an ambulance facility to complete the training.

  • Topics in the First Aid Training were;
  • Bleeding, Fractures and Burns
  • Choking
  • Head injuries
  • Unconsciousness
  • Resuscitation
  • Other Emergency situations

It is important to have the required amount of first aid trained employees to ensure the safety of the staff in the office. In an emergency, an ambulance will still take some time to get to an incident. Having someone with basic first aid training on hand can make a big difference in the time waiting for an ambulance to arrive; it also means that in minor situations, our employees know who to turn to for medical advice.

As a Holdings Group we like to ensure the safety of our staff by making sure our certifications are current – take a look at the Fire Marshall training which Heason employees completed a few months ago.

During his time at the ambulance facility, Rocco noticed that the ambulances were using Herga footswitches. This is a common application for Herga Footswitches; they are used in emergency vehicles to operate the horn.

Rocco enjoyed the first aid training finding it very useful.

Have you got the correct amount of First Aiders in your office? Find out how many are required by law by taking a look at the St John Ambulance First Aid Requirements Calculator