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Helene Completes her Level 3 NVQ

Another fantastic learning achievement for Helene in the two and a half years she has been part of the Variohm team.

You may remember that roughly twelve month ago, Helene Skinner our Returns administrator completed her NVQ Level 2 in Business and Admin. She continued with studying and this month we were proud to present her with a certificate of completion for her NVQ Level 3 in Business and Admin.

What did the NVQ Level 3 in Business and Admin Involve?

Helene had to complete a range of assessments including; written assessments, telephone assessments, face to face assessments and trainer observation.  The NVQ has been awarded by Skills First and Helene’s training was conducted by a company called Key Training.

The qualification has taken a year to complete and has given Helene a better understanding of the roles within administration and ways to develop a business.

What support was offered to Helene to complete her NVQ Level 3?

We support lots of our employees through qualifications and are strong believers of training whilst working. Many of Helene’s assessments took place during working hours and Helene’s Manager Emma Pochodzaj was on hand to answer any questions about the business she may have needed help with.

Helene is keen to continue with learning and expanding her horizons. We’re currently looking into what other qualifications would benefit her job role and where she can go from here.

Helene says “It is a great opportunity offered by Variohm to develop skill and work better within the company.”

What is an NVQ?

NVQ stands for “National Vocational Qualification” they can be completed at work, college or as part of an apprenticeship.  Many of our employees have completed or are on their way to completing an NVQ. We like to ensure that our employees have all the skills they require to carry out the tasks involved in their job roles and to improve our customer service. 

Article published on: 02/10/2015