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Interesting Sensor Applications You Didnt Know Variohm was a part of

Being a sensor distributor, many of the applications we supply parts for are not something you come into contact with every day. We thought we would share a few of our more interesting sensor applications that we provide solutions for.

London Underground

Here’s an interesting sensor application you probably have come into contact with, perhaps on a regular basis; Thousands of people use the London Underground every day and most people will have used it at some point. Well, did you know that back in 2009, we supplied some sensors which are used within some of the ticket barriers? This non-contact Hall Effect Sensor is used to determine the gate position of many of the barriers, allowing them to be open for the correct amount of time.

Alcohol breathalyser

Another interesting sensor application from 2009 which, hopefully, fewer people have come into contact with. The Lion Alcolmeter is a breathalyser used to test if drivers and operators of heavy machinery are over the alcohol limit. Inside the Lion Alcolmeter there are some tiny temperature sensors, provided by us, called thermistors.  These thermistors are just a quarter of a millimetre in diameter and are used to measure the temperature of the subject’s breath. If the temperature is outside of the acceptable range the Lion Alcolmeter will alert the user.  

Sea Otter Pup at Oregon Coast Aquarium.

In 2012 we were approached to provide a sensor for the Ozone Filtration System at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. This particular filtration system was used to supply water to many of the aquariums residents including Schuster – a rescued sea otter pup. The supplied pressure switch was used to monitor the pressure within the filtration system. It’s amazing to think that sensors we have recommended and provided have been used to ensure the safety and well-being of animals in an Aquarium.

Off-Road Wheelchairs

So far we have mentioned hall effect sensors, temperature sensors and pressures sensors being involved in interesting sensor applications, the last application involves one of our own linear position sensors. Molten Rock develops off road wheel chairs. In 2013, we were asked to provide a sensor for the electrically powered Boma7 off road wheel chair which has been designed to meet the high demands of harsh landscapes, challenging weather, steep gradients, mud rain and ice. Our ELPM motorsport sensor was selected to compliment the high demands of the steering system.

Did you know that Variohm were a part of any of these interesting sensor applications? Or have you learnt something new?

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Article published on: 26/09/2016