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Our German Office Run for NCT

National Centre for Tumour Diseases (NCT) is a charity in Heidelberg.

This year, members of our German office took part in a running event in Heidelberg for NCT. The slogan for this event was “Running against cancer, how far would you go?”

Last year, members of our German office took part in the BASF Firmencup, a 5k office run. This year they have stepped it up a gear and taken on the NCT-Rundenlauf, which is one section of the NCT run, the other options are to complete 11km race or a half marathon. All entry fees are donated to NCT.

The photo to the right shows all the people in our office who took part; from left to right – Elisa, Rocco, Heiko, Sven and Carsten.

Our Team at the NCT-Rundenlauf.

The NCT Rundenlauf is lap running. Participants can choose how many laps they complete and the company ROCHE will donate an additional 2.50 euros per lap run to NCT. Our team did very well – especially considering that at 6pm when the race started, the weather was still at 30°C.

Our team completed laps as follows;

Elisa                      5 laps    13.5 km
Sven                      4 laps    10.8 km
Heiko                    3 laps    8.1 km
Carsten                2 laps    5.4 km
Rocco                   1 lap      2.7 km

Altogether they completed a total of 40.5km which is fantastic. Everyone had a great time; Heiko says “Everyone can participate. It is not a matter of being very quick, but to set a sign against cancer.”

One member of our team was unable to participate so we were joined by Uli Konrad from B+L – see photo below.

More About the NCT Runs

The NCT run took place on the 7th July and was a great success. Altogether there were 3,063 participants;

628         finished the half marathon
1,045     finished the 11km run
1,390     did the lap running

The different race options mean that there is something for everyone; anyone who wants to participate can. The NCT website describes the race as “It is not about best times or peak performances. It is about setting a sign and supporting the fight against cancer.”