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Product Training from World Magnetics

We want to ensure that our product knowledge is as up-to-date as possible, this way we can help all of our customers with technical questions regarding our products.

This month we were visited by Martin Paul from World Magnetics. He gave some of our sales team product training on some of the newer products that we can offer from World Magnetics.

Martin is an old friend of Variohm; he worked here for fourteen and a half years before moving to America to join the World Magnetics team.

Keeping Up-To-Date with World Magnetics Products.

Since the last training day from World Magnetics, we have employed two new salesmen to help with the distribution of their products. Mark Rowbotham is our Pressure salesmen, although he has had in house training from the Variohm team, this was his first training session from our supplier. Derek Boyle, one of our Herga Salesmen also met Martin for the first time and gained some extra product knowledge, direct from our supplier.

Peter, our Pressure sales Manager and Alan Disbery our Herga sales manager were also present in the training. They have received lots of training from World Magnetics in the past, but always find it useful to have a refresher session.

We are visited by World Magnetics for training up to twice a year to ensure that our product knowledge is as recent as possible, this way all of our customer’s technical questions can be answered accurately and quickly.

Products Offered by Variohm from World Magnetics.

World Magnetics is a manufacturer of pressure sensors and high performance magnetic heads. We can offer a wide range of pressure and vacuum pressure sensors from World Magnetics; you can find them all on the Pressure section of our website. To find out more about World Magnetics you can visit their website.

If you have any questions regarding World Magnetics products please contact Mark Rowbotham using the contact details above. 

Article published on: 30/03/2015