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Ride to Work Week at Variohm

The 20th 26th June is the office Ride to Work Week. Monday 20th June is the international Ride to Work Day.

Get On is offering free trials to encourage people to ride to work during Ride to Work Week in and round Northamptonshire.

Why some of our Employees Ride to Work

A few of our employees currently ride motorcycles to work. As it is ride to work week, we asked them a few questions about the benefits of riding to work and why they choose to travel this way.

Coincidently, all of our current riders are gents; many of them have been using a motor cycle for transport for various lengths of time, some for less than one year and others for up to eight years.

We have one female employee who is learning to ride, it is something she has always wanted to do but hasn’t had the chance to until now.


One of the reasons our employees choose to Ride to Work is cost. Smaller motorcycles and scooters are more fuel efficient than cars making them cheaper to run. They are also cheaper to tax as they are low emission vehicles.


As a motorbike can filter through any congested traffic, this makes journey times shorter and more predictable.  Research shows that if just 10% of people switched from a car to a bike or scooter, congestion for all road users would reduce by 40%.


Some of our employees also commented on the fun aspect of riding a motorcycle, the feeling of being free is something that other methods of transport cannot offer.

All of our employees who currently ride to work would recommend trying it.

Alan Disbery says “You get a feeling of escape on a motorbike that a car cannot offer.  Depending on your route you can also have more fun!”

Jordan Barber says “I would recommend riding to work to anyone who is able, and would seriously recommend that people who would not look at it as a form of transport to go and have a riding experience as there is no feeling better than riding a motorbike.”

More About Ride to Work Week

To find out more about Ride to Work Week you can visit their website. Here you’ll find more reasons to ride, events to get involved with and other news to keep up-to-date with.

You can also visit the Get On website to book your free motorbike/scooter trial.