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Team Variohm Part of the BASF Firmencup

For the second year in a row, our German office employees were part of the BASF Firmencup.

This is an annual office running event, hosted by BASF and takes place in Hockenheim, Germany. Five members from our German office attended the event; Carsten, Rocco, Heiko, Sebastian and Oliver.

How did our team do at the BASF Firmencup?

Carsten, Rocco, Heiko, Oliver and Sebastian made it to the Hockenheim race circuit where the weather conditions started out beautiful. Unfortunately it all went downhill and by the time that the race was due to start the runners were faced with a huge thunderstorm. Carsten and Rocco didn’t want to stick around to run in the rain and so decided to call it a day and returned home.

Oliver, Heiko and Sebastian waited with the 17,000 other runners for the rain to calm down and the race started one hour after it was scheduled to start once the thunder had stopped. Everyone running got very wet as it was still raining and there was a lot of standing water on the track.

Lots of our customers attended this race so it was great to see some of them too.

Oliver was the fastest in our team with a finishing time of 23min 12 sec.

Sebastian says;

“Although being wet and cold, it was a great experience for the three of us that actually made it.

I consider it absolutely terrific to be part of such a huge number of people heading for the same goal, cheering each other up.”

Team Variohm Part of the BASF Firmencup

About the BASF Firmencup

The BASF Firmencup is an annual event organised by BASF. There were over 17,000 registered participants for the BASF Firmencup this year from over 820 different companies. The race is one lap of the Hockenheim Race Circuit which is 4.8km. Its purpose is to strengthen team spirit and just enjoy exercise and being with colleagues. Participants can jog, walk or Nordic walk the race. There are two children races; the Juniour-Laufcup for children aged 11-15years which is 2.3km and the Kids-Laufcup for the 6-10 year olds which is 600m.

BASF Firmencup has a Facebook Page which you can take a look at for more photos from the race. 

Team Variohm Part of the BASF Firmencup

Team Variohm Part of the BASF Firmencup

Article published on: 10/06/2016