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Variohm and Ixthus at the MIA Event â€Motorsport to Automotive Showcase of Capability" at Bentley

In March 2015 we attended the MIA event â€Motorsport to Automotive Showcase of Capability" at Bentley in Crewe. We had a great show and would like to share our experience with you.

How was the show?

We were invited to exhibit at the event “Motorsport to Automotive Showcase of Capability” as we are a member of the MIA. The show was attended by all 300 Bentley Engineers giving us the opportunity to discuss products, engineering solutions, R&D prototypes, lightweight materials and lightweight solutions.  We found the show to be well worth going to. It was very busy in the afternoon, so busy that the show itself actually overrun.

What Variohm Products were Popular?

We found that our most popular product at the showcase was our extensive range of pressure sensors. Our pressure sensors are used within the Motorsport industry for a range of applications; you can see all of our pressure sensors on the pressure section of our website.

Other Variohm products were also very well received including rotary sensors, temperature sensors, load cells and linear.

What we enjoyed about the “Motorsport to Automotive Showcase of Capability”

The show was attended by Graham Pattison, our group sales director and Tony Stoyles, a member of our Ixthus sales team. Graham enjoyed talking to a variety of engineers about all different topics; test, fitting sensors to the road cars and the Motorsport Team. Tony enjoyed the exclusivity of the event and being able to meet the Bentley team.

If presented with the opportunity, we would definitely like to attend this show again; it has given us five new projects to work on.

About the “Motorsport to Automotive Showcase of Capability” at Bentley Motors

The show was hosted at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe. This is home to all Bentley operations including; R&D, design, engineering and production.  

The show provided MIA members an opportunity to present innovative technology and solutions, engineer-to-engineer for many topics including product development, design and research.

For more information about the MIA, you can visit their website here

Article published on: 10/04/2015