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Variohm at the Dräger Technology Day

Article published on: 20/10/2015

Earlier this month, Sebastian, a Sales Engineer from our German Office, attended The Dräger Technology Day.

About the Dräger Technology Day

Dräger organises these technology days on a regular basis. The event gathers together suppliers that deliver core technologies at their plant in Lübeck in Germany. This enables the various suppliers to speak to the Dräger developers and engineers.

Draeger Sebastian was accompanied by Benjamin Dörge from Leue Sensorics, one of our representatives in Germany. Products we had on display included a variety of Position Sensorsincluding membrane position sensors, inclinometers, our VLP range, sensors from or Pressure range including pressure transducersand combined pressure and temperature sensors. We also had a selection of temperature probes to discuss and some Herga productsincluding footswitches and hand controls.

The Dräger Technology Day is an important event for Dräger and we were honored to have been Sebastian Draegerinvited to discuss and show some of our product range. The CEO, Mr. Stefan Dräger gave an introduction into the company’s history, this emphasized just how important this event is to them.

We received some enquires from the Dräger Technology Day and also got to converse with many Sebastian Draegersuppliers within the industry. It was a very interesting day.

Sebastian says “It was very very interesting, as well as challenging; to speak to all the various engineers and developers that Dräger gathered from their worldwide set of plants.”



Find out more about the Dräger Technology Day.

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