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Variohm Attends PMW Expo 2019

Earlier this month, Variohm attended The PMW Expo in Cologne, a dedicated Motorsport international event. PMW inspires development teams and racing car manufacturers in the field of motorsport.

Variohm at PMW Expo

As a long-time partner in the motorsport industry, we have attended the PMW Expo for many years and 2019 was no different. This year we were able to showcase some of our new products including the new micro-angle sensors of the Euro-CMRx series.

The Euro-CMRx range is a micro Hall Effect rotary sensor range. It is well suited to Motorsport applications as they are very small and compact which is great for applications where space is tight. 

Euro CMRT - shafted sensor with a mounting thread

Euro CMRS - shafted sensor with a flange mounting

Euro CMRK – two-part puck sensors

This range is developed from our standard Euro XP range these two series have many similarities, the main difference is the size. The Euro XP range has a 28mm diameter whereas the micro range has an 18mm diameter. 

Euro XP - programmable angle sensor

Euro XPD - D shaft mounting 

Euro XPK - 2 part puck sensor

Also for use within motorsport applications, we were able to showcase our combined pressure and temperature sensors. These also are well suited for tight spaces as one sensor can measure 2 different variables. These have been well suited within the industry for years. 

With our position, temperature and pressure sensors, we not only supported professional racing teams from different countries, but also the next generation in the Formula Student race.

If you would like any further information about any of the above-mentioned products then please contact us. 

More about PMW Expo

Also this year, the PMW Expo offers the international platform to exchange information about technologies, innovations and pioneering ideas of the industry. The trade visitors were able to find out about the latest news from motorsport from more than 260 exhibitors on all three days of the fair. The Expo was attended by manufacturers of racing engines and components as well as companies from the equipment for performance enhancement, equipment, and accessories for racing cars, test and development.

PMW Expo has already released the dates of their 2020 show - 11th, 12th and 13th November - take a look at their website for more information. 


Article published on: 22/11/2019