Company Blog is Now Mobile Friendly

There is so much technology now available and many different devices can now connect to the internet, with this in mind, we have decided to make some alterations to our website, so it looks good no matter what screen size you are using.

Using on Your Mobile

The layout of our website is the same, all of the pages are still available whether you’re using a phone, tablet, netbook or computer. We’ve made sure the design allows you to use touch screens as well as a mouse. Instead of the menu bar across the top we have used a drop down. This saves space and includes all pages so you can access them with ease. The drop down menu stays on every page so you can navigate round the site just as easily on a phone or tablet as you can on a computer.

Why Have We Decided to Make these Changes?

We’ve noticed an increase in the number of mobile and tablet visitors; we’ve decided to respond to this. We want everyone to have the same experience when visiting our site, no matter what device they may be using. Now you can have a better experience when visiting our site through your device.

Having a website that looks great on mobiles and tablets will really help exhibitions; all of our products are on our website so being able to access them on mobile devices without having to scroll across constantly will save time and hassle for both our sales engineers on the stand and the customers visiting us.

How Have we Made our Website fit on to Different Size Screens?

We have made these changes by using Responsive Web Design. A responsive website adapts to fit on any screen size, this way the user won’t have to scroll sideways to be able to view the whole page.  Many websites are now responsive. The amount of visits to websites from a mobile or tablet is increasing rapidly and statistics show that people tend to leave websites quicker if it hasn’t adapted to their screen size. Google can tell if your website is responsive so it can help with the Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) of the site.

We hope you like our website even more now that it fits perfectly onto the screen of your mobile – visit on your mobile now. 

Article published on: 22/12/2014