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Variohm Group Sales Meeting

Each company has their own sales meetings every month to analyse their own business but we like to get together as a group to keep in touch and up-to-date.

What did our sales meeting involve?

The meeting was attended by sales team members from our entire holdings group; Ixthus Instrumentation, Herga Technology, Heason Technology and Variohm Eurosensor. Members of our German office also flew to the UK to join us.

The focus of the group sales meeting was for everyone to get involved. Altogether there were 25 participants. A power point presentation was created to run in the background but we wanted this to spark conversations on challenges we have experienced rather than determine the structure of the meeting.

We also wanted to make sure all the participants had a clear understanding of our capabilities as a group.

Because of this newer way of conducting the meeting and encouraging information we have found that this has been the best group sales meeting we have had. 

What did we achieve from our Group Sales Meeting?

We discussed many challenges and experiences throughout the two day group sales meeting. The feedback from everyone was very positive and a plan was made to review within the next 6-8 weeks. The contribution to group discussions was far greater this year and the level of input was also very high. 

The Best Bits

After a long day discussing applications and working hard we found that some down time was needed for the evening. We love the Japanese Restaurant Sakura in Northampton. The food is cooked right in front of you and each person is given the challenge to catch their rice – literally. Roy, our Managing Director says “My favourite part was dinner at the Sakura in Northampton enjoying the look of fear on people’s faces as bowls of rice were thrown at them”.Sakura Northampton

Graham, our Group Sales Director found that this year the increased discussion and level of input made this meeting the best we have had so far. He says “During the meeting we shared a number of potential contacts and I believe we have some fantastic opportunities to grow our businesses.”

We are now looking forward to acting upon the goals we have set to develop and grow as a group.