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Variohm Welcomes Chloe for Work Experience

Earlier this summer, Chloe, a year 12 student from Sponne School came to the Variohm offices for a week of work experience.

Chloe contacted Emma, our Admin Manager to ask if she was able to come to us for a week to do some work experience as she is considering a career in Engineering and wanted to get an idea of what the industry can be like.

It was great to have her with us for the week and we tried our best to give her as much variety as we could in such a short space of time. Chloe spent the first two days in our admin office and then moved through to Engineering, Production and Warehouse. She liked her time with us and we enjoyed having her.

Emma says “Chloe was very driven; she got on with any tasks that were thrown at her and was very polite”

Chloe comments “I very much enjoyed my time at Variohm Eurosensor; everyone I spoke to was very welcoming , informative and friendly and I felt I could ask at any point if I wasn’t sure on something. Every task I was set was explained and demonstrated fully and I was able to complete the tasks with ease.

The thing I found most interesting was observing how the company works as a whole, and learning all the stages of an order, from the order being placed to it being shipped onto the client.

I most enjoyed the Engineering and Production section of the company, as in Production I was able to try for myself putting the products together and making sure they were properly tested. I like the Engineering side because I like using CAD to make ideas for a product a 3D reality, that can then be made and shipped to massive companies.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity, as I learnt a lot and it also gave me an insight into the sort of work I’d like to be doing in the future, as I’d like to go into engineering (of some sort)!”

We like to open people’s eyes to what a career in engineering can be. Over the past few years we have taken on three engineering apprentices and they have been really great for our company. Nathan and Jordan have recently completed their apprenticeship and have said that they would recommend this career path to anyone considering it.