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Your Sensor Supplier - Variohm Eurosensor

Article published on: 07/03/2014

Looking for a sensor supplier? Choose Variohm Eurosensor the leading single source supplier of sensors.

As a sensor supplier we thrive on supplying sensors you need. According to our website “Variohm Eurosensor has been a leading single source supplier of sensors and associated electronic systems since 1974. Our aim is to provide an efficient, cost-effective and totally flexible service to customers, irrespective of their size, business or geographical location.” – But, what does that mean for you? When looking for a sensor supplier why should you choose Variohm?

Firstly, you get reliable advice and help from our sales team - each one a qualified expert in their product range. They know the field inside and out, all your questions will be answered so that you get the best product for your application – no matter how specialised it may be. Supplying sensors is second nature to them. Dividing our sales team by region means you always speak to the same person; creating a relationship so we always know which sensors you need. We invite you to challenge our salesmen to find the product perfect for your application.

It doesn’t stop there; we now have a fully functional production department with skilled staff producing well made products. We can modify existing products as well as manufacture some of our own. Contact us today and challenge us with specific applications and detailed product requirements – we will more than happy to help. You can rely on Variohm as your sensor supplier for all your applications. 

Our stores department is growing and our warehouse space expanding allowing us to hold more stock for your convenience. This allows you as a customer to place KanBans, Call-off and Scheduled orders. All you have to do is call us at your convenience to let us know how many you want and when – what more could you want from your sensor supplier?

Something we are very good at in Variohm is communication; Let us know if you want your order packed in a certain way or shipped direct to another address or maybe you have your own courier? Please inform us of all your finer details – as mentioned earlier, we love to be challenged and proven to be the best sensor supplier. 

We invite you to Challenge Variohm, for all your sensor needs – we are waiting for your enquiry…

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