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Contactless angle sensor range adds multi-turn capability, with 16-bit resolution version available

Towcester UK November 2014: Contelec has announced two new multi-turn versions of its highly robust Vert-X series contactless Hall-Effect angle sensors.

Available exclusively in the UK from Variohm EuroSensor, the sensors are the Vert-X 37MT CANopen which has a gearless 16-bit multi-turn and 16-bit single-turn resolution and the low cost Vert-X 24MT, which may be programmed for up to 10 turns and has a 12-bit single-turn resolution. 

The new models offer solutions at both ends of application spectrum for multi-turn angle sensors. The Vert-X 37MT CANopen model offers users a practically unlimited rotation count through a gearless, battery powered, multi-turn multiplier and has the added benefit of exceptional angular precision through its 16-bit single-turn absolute resolution. The impressive specifications offered by the sensor also extend to an independent linearity of +/- 0.1% and repeatability and hysteresis to 0.1º. Its industry standard CANopen interface offers an extremely reliable and robust performance with high immunity to electrical and magnetic interference. Furthermore, this new model also boasts an IP68 environmental capability in a very durable sealed design with dual bearings and stainless steel housing. The combination of non-contacting absolute position, multi-turn capability, CANopen interface and extreme robustness makes the sensor well suited to the most arduous tasks and is firmly aimed at high precision positon measurement under adverse ambient conditions where humidity, dampness, dust and vibration are prevalent. Typical applications include construction equipment, agricultural machinery, cranes, drilling rigs etc. 

Conversely the best-price contactless multi-turn Vert-X 24MT is aimed at angle measurement where absolute position monitoring is required over just a few revolutions. It has a 5 V DC input power and a 10 to 90% single or half redundant signal output with an independent linearity of +/- 1%. Its compact size, IP54/IP67 protection rating, and 12-bit resolution make it ideal for demanding position measurement on industrial equipment such forklift and truck steering angle, or position reference for linear and rotary electric actuators with a fixed travel range.

Both models, being magnetic-hall non-contact devices, offer excellent resilience to shock and vibration as well as long life – 50 million turns for the 24MT and 360 million turns for the 37MT, which also has a 3000 rpm maximum speed and high axial and radial load capability and thanks to its duplex bearing design. The 24MT has a lead wire connection whilst the 37MT offers an M12 connector.

Variohm EuroSensor provides complete sales and application support across a comprehensive range of position, load, force and temperature sensor technologies and accessories for demanding measurement applications throughout industry and research.

Article published on: 05/12/2014

Article last updated on: 05/12/2014