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Eurosensor launches MXP range of micro rotary sensors

Eurosensor has designed and manufactured the MXP range of micro rotary sensors for rotary position measurement when space is at a premium.

Suitable for all industries including motorsport, automotive, agricultural, industrial automation, aerospace, and transportation, the range provides essential data that helps improve performance, efficiency, and safety by enabling precise control and measurement of rotational movements.

Three design options are available: the MXPS Micro Shaft Sensor, the MXPD D-Shaft Sensor, and the MXPK Micro Puck Sensor. All are programmable with angles from 30° to 360°, operate using Hall Effect non-contact technology, and feature IP68 protection and redundant output. With a 30mm outer diameter package and weighing between 17-23g depending on the model, the sensors are a cost-effective solution for rotary position measurement of valves, shafts, linkages, pedal boxes, throttle bodies, flight controls, active aerodynamics, and more.

Carsten Walther, Variohm Group Sales Director, said: “With their compact design, versatility, and robust performance, these sensors are set to become an indispensable tool across a wide array of industries. We are excited to see the impact they will have on enhancing precision and efficiency in various applications.”

Article published on: 30/05/2024

Article last updated on: 30/05/2024