High-Precision Multiple Section Potentiometer for Industrial Use

For Applications Where Safety Is A Concern: High-Precision Multiple Section Potentiometer for Industrial Use

As the exclusive UK distributor for Novotechnik, the German sensor and sensor systems specialist, Variohm EuroSensor presents the following application note on the new multiple section potentiometers.

Conductive plastic potentiometers for position sensing are commonly used for automotive engineering and many industrial applications.  They are inexpensive and offer great precision.  And with more than 50 to 100 million wiper movements, the life expectancy of higher-end versions is suitable for even intense mechanical requirements.  But the potentiometer technology is continuously advancing, as evidenced, for example, by the new, highly durable Multiple Section Potentiometers.  With multiple channels, they are especially well-suited for applications requiring redundancy. 

Sensor technology specialist Novotechnik of Ostfildern (Germany) is now offering a multiple-section version of the proven precision potentiometer P2500, featuring up to six channnels (see image).  This component is particularly well-suited for applications where safety is a concern.  The combination of plastic resistive track and multi-pronged precious metal wiper, a sturdy full-metal housing, and the durable 6mm stainless steel shaft provide for a long service life free of contact issues.  This potentiometer is offered with rotation angles of 120, 240, or 345 degrees and allows continuous mechanical rotation.

And it is very accurate, featuring a resolution degree of 0.01 and a linearity of +/-0.3 %.  Additionally, the channels are calibrated to be well synchronized with each other.  The fact that the shaft is running on multiple ball bearings allows for high bearing loads; ambient temperatures of -40 to 100° C are acceptable.  The maximum operating speed is 2000 rpm.  These features make the new multiple section potentiometers the practical solution for a broad spectrum of different applications, such as steering systems for maritime vessels, weighing systems, or controls for special engineering. 


About Novotechnik


Headquartered in Ostfildern, Germany, Novotechnik has been a leader in the development of measurement technologies for over 65 years.  Today, more than 200 employees are constantly striving for excellence in Germany alone.  Its products – powerful position transducers and rotary sensors - are essential for production, control, and measurement as well as automotive applications, worldwide.  The comprehensive assortment of product technologies includes position transducers and rotary sensors based on different functional principles, specialized solutions for the automotive industry as well as signal conditioners and measuring devices.  The range covers virtually any conceivable application, while specialized demands are met with customized solutions.

Article published on: 16/09/2014