Miniature Rotary encoders for demanding applications

The compact Vert-X 16 rotary encoder is an impressive example of Contelec's successfully implemented miniaturisation in angle measurement.

As diverse as the industrial applications are – medical and industrial applications, the automotive industry, energy sector, railway technology or robotics – the demands are very similar. This particularly applies to angle measurement, where features like safety, confined installation space, high price sensitivity and maximum accuracy are key requirements.

This can be perfectly illustrated by the example of an ambulance stretcher with an electronically controlled lift system. The stretcher can be positioned at almost ground level to allow patients to be placed on the stretcher easily, without effort. A power-operated lift then raises the stretcher to precisely the height of the ambulance floor, so that even heavy patients can be smoothly transferred to the ambulance without unnecessary strain for the medical personnel. It is important in this application for the stretcher to move to and stop automatically at exactly the correct height to transfer the patient. Precision angle measurement is essential for this, and it is a function that must remain extremely accurate and safe even in hostile environmental conditions. Other important criteria include compact dimensions, the possibility of integral redundancy, convenient adjustment and good value for money. 

Engineered for demanding applications of this kind is the compact, high-precision Contelec Vert-X 16 industrial rotary encoder. At just 16 mm diameter, the rotary encoder in an affordable plastic housing features fastening tabs reinforced by metal sleeves to ensure reliable and sturdy attachment.

With axial output leads, the rotary encoder satisfies users with 12 to 14-bit resolution, ±0.3% linearity of the measuring range, programmable angles and IP65 ingress protection. It is also optionally available with a range of interfaces, including ratiometric and PWM signal outputs. A digital SPI interface can also be integrated to provide a direct digital output of the absolute angle values in 14-bit resolution, eliminating the need for subsequent A/D signal conversion. This also ensures interference-free data transmission. 

The key performance characteristics

The Contelec Vert-X 16 rotary encoder represents unique value for money.

  • Measuring range 0 to 360°  
  • Resolution 12 to 14 Bit  
  • Linearity ±0.3% of the measuring range  
  • Operating temperature –40°C to +85°C  
  • Protection rate IP54 or IP65  
  • Interface Ratiometric, PWM, SPI  
  • Max. repeatability 0.1°  
  • Min. life 50 million movements  

Customer benefit – you profit from

  • Suitable for medical applications, servo drives, dancer arms, etc.
  • High-precision, contactless measuring method
  • Extremely compact dimensions – suitable for use in confined spaces
  • Redundant version available
  • Full resolution and accuracy at programmed electrical angle
  • Custom electrical angle available
  • Long life (>50 million movements)
  • Fastening tabs reinforced with metal sleeves
  • Various interfaces
  • Variable shaft diameter and length



Article published on: 19/08/2013