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Pressure switch for injury treatment

Pressure switch for injury treatment: DesignFlex pressure switch manages safety levels for innovative soft tissue repair machine

The PHYSIOLAB® Thermal Compression unit is an intelligent clinical toolkit to support physiotherapists, surgeons and clinicians in accelerating soft tissue repair following injury, trauma or surgery, preventing injury in advance of activity and aiding recovery after exercise.

Harnessing clinically effective compression, cryotherapy (cooling) and thermotherapy (warming), this highly engineered yet simple-to-use system delivers a predetermined combination of either, both or all therapies to the treatment area. 

A range of therapy packs provide superior connection with the treatment area using an innovative patented design within these interface garments.   The therapy packs ensure that a precise, consistent and accurate temperature and/or amount of compression can be applied over the timed duration of the therapy, providing the clinician with complete control and absolute repeatability.

PHYSIOLAB’s innovative design overcomes the limitation of existing technologies, driving clinical practice forward, automatically capturing treatment history to create knowledge and understanding in this traditionally opaque and under researched area.

As part of the comprehensive safety features built into the machine, its manufacturers; Physiolab Technologies Ltd has chosen Variohm EuroSensor for its DesignFlex PSF103 series pressure switch. The pre-set switch is used to ensure that the compression pressure, which is automatically adjusted to compensate for the patients movement or external forces, does not exceed an upper limit.

The DesignFlex PSF103 pressure switch is part of a wide range from the USA manufacturer World Magnetics who are comprehensively supported in the UK by Variohm. The range offers high current switching for precision pressure monitoring with fine and repeatable control and a wide field adjustable set-point capability. The snap-action switch is available in many standard pressure port and mounting options with polyurethane or optional Teflon® diaphragms.

The full DesignFlex range includes high sensitivity pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switches from 0.25 to over 4000 mbar. Housed in tough moulded polycarbonate casings and with a working life in excess of 10 million cycles, they are used in demanding applications in industry, agriculture, aerospace, and defence. Application customised versions are also available.

Article published on: 06/03/2017

Article last updated on: 06/03/2017