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Wachendorff industrial incremental shaft encoders

Wachendorff industrial encoders are integrated in conveyor and web length measurement systems

As part of its comprehensive range of industrial encoders and systems for precision automation, Wachendorff manufacture robust length measurement assemblies for use on conveyors, web processing lines, packaging & labelling equipment, and marking machines. Available from Variohm EuroSensor, Wachendorff’s authorised UK distributor, the compact measurement systems comprise an incremental rotary encoder with a shaft mounted measuring wheel - supplied in various diameters with a contact surface to suit the processed material. Each model includes a spring-loaded arm or spring-damped linear equalisation frame that is adjustable to optimise contact and maintain even friction. Mounting brackets are also integrated on some models for straightforward commissioning. As well as length measurement to gauge distance or travel, position and speed feedback information is also possible.

The versatile range can be applied to low and high precision length measurement. Standard models have travel resolutions available from 1 pulse per mm (200 pulse-per-rev encoders) to 1 pulse per 0.008 mm (25000 pulse-per-rev encoders). With typical maximum encoder speeds in the region of 8000 rpm, gathering linear measurement information is not restricted for normal high-throughput conveying/processing line feed-rates. A comprehensive standard range is available with measuring wheel surface characteristics that can suit processed materials from greased metals to carpets and from leather to smooth plastics or glass. Other versions extend the measurement capability for special applications such as the LMS58 model which includes a panel-mount pre-selection counter and a tachometer in addition to an incremental encoder to measure and display speed, position and length measurement.

Standard models require 4.75…5.5 VDC or 10 VDC up to 30 VDC power at 100 mA maximum current with TTL or HTL encoder outputs. The WDGI incremental encoder has a wide choice of options such as extended temperature range, higher maximum output pulse frequencies and increased axial and radial load capacity. IP67 protection class is standard for the WDGI housings with IP65 for shaft sealing which can be optionally extended to IP67 on some models. Custom versions with absolute encoders or alternative output types such as CANopen or SSI could be supplied which are all part of the Wachendorff product range. Variohm EuroSensor also has the design and production capability to supply special variants with bespoke features to suit the customers’ application.

Article published on: 19/02/2016

Article last updated on: 19/02/2016