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A day in aircraft building

The companies of the Variohm Group together have a large product range covering many different applications. Especially in the industry the sensors, switches, gearboxes and other products can be found. Variohm Eurosensor offers various sensors, such as temperature sensors, pressure sensors or position sensors, which can be used, in the construction of aircraft.


Control landing gear

When building an aircraft, many regulations and safety aspects must be observed. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the landing gear functions properly and is monitored. Especially during takeoff and landing, it must be ensured that the landing gear extends and retracts cleanly.

At this point, pressure sensors are installed to ensure that the hydraulic system can be carefully controlled. If the pressure is too low, the landing gear may not extend or retract fully, which could result in a dangerous landing or takeoff. If the pressure is too high, the landing gear may extend or retract too quickly, causing damage to the gear or the aircraft.

Safety during the flight

To ensure safety during the flight there are dozens of measures. One of the most important measures is to monitor the engine. Whether it works, whether it overheats or if it has external or internal damage.

Therefore, when building the engine, great care is taken to include control mechanisms. One of these mechanisms is an NTC thermistor. NTC thermistors can be used to monitor engine temperatures and provide feedback to the engine control system. This helps to ensure safe and efficient engine operation and can also help to detect potential problems before they cause damage.

This is not the only application of an NTC thermistor in an aircraft. Among other things, it can also monitor the temperature in a certain room and, if a certain temperature is exceeded, it can trigger a trigger that activates a fire alarm, for example.


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Article published on: 14/02/2023

Article last updated on: 22/02/2023