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Advantages of String Pots

String Pot is another name for a Cable Extension Transducer. They are a type of linear position sensor which use a spring-loaded spool and a cable to measure linear position.

They have many advantages and reasons for use.

We have a range of string pots on our website which have various output signal options.

Advantages of String Pots

String pots have many advantages.

Size to measuring length ratio – this is the biggest advantage of using a cable extension transducer rather than a linear potentiometer or other alternatives. A cable is used to take the positional measurement. This cable is stored within the sensor, wrapped around a spool, when the positioning measurement takes place, the cable extends or retracts. This is more beneficial when measuring longer distances as the sensor itself can remain small in size whilst the cable can be meters in length.

Compact – some string pots are very small in size so they can be fitted into small space whilst still being able to measure longer distances.

Easy to Use – our string pots are easy to use, easy to install, don’t require perfect alignment and some come with a mounting bracket.

Cost-effective – our string pots are great value for money and lower cost than non-contacting alternatives which may be selected for longer positional measurement applications.

Versatile – string pots are very versatile and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

String Pot Applications

String pots are used throughout so many industries and applications. some of these are;

  • Hydraulic cylinder controls
  • Automotive testing
  • Structural testing
  • Factory automation
  • Telescopic application
  • Mobile vehicle
  • Medical applications

String Pots from Variohm

We have a full range of string pots able to view on our website.

There is an industrial line for heavy-duty applications with cable measurements of up to 43 meters. They are protection rated up to IP68. Many have a high operating temperature range and various outputs.

For more information on string pots or any of the products in our portfolio please contact us.

Article published on: 22/02/2022