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High Pressure Transducers

Pressure Transducers are part of our product range at Variohm, within this category we have various pressure transducers suitable for different applications. One of them is our high pressure transducers which are suitable for applications where measurements of high pressure are required.

Our EPT3100 pressure transducer range can measure pressure to 5,000bar – which is over 70,000 PSI.

Uses for High Pressure Transducers

High pressure transducers applications are usually in industrial environments. This can include; industrial hydraulics, construction, off-road and agricultural applications. Because they are in harsh environments our high pressure transducers are constructed of durable materials such as stainless steel to ensure this environment doesn’t affect their accuracy.

High Pressure Transducers From Variohm

All of our high pressure transducers can measure pressure up to 5,000bar making them well suited to high pressure applications.

EPT3100 – Our EPT3100 is one of our most diverse pressure transducers. As it has such a wide pressure range it can be used for many applications in different industries. The EPT3100 is available as absolute, gauge or vacuum pressure and has a range of different electrical interfaces and output signal options.

EPT31LE – Our EPT31LE is well suited to agricultural applications. It has additional EMI/RFI protection and is resistant to shock and vibration. The EPT31LE uses a piezo resistive sensing element coupled with the latest ASIC circuitry assuring excellent accuracy with a choice of high-level outputs and long stability.

EPT31CN – The EPT31CN has integrated CAN controller offering CANopen and J1939 outputs which allow for use within the automotive industry. The EPT31CN is also well suited to applications in agriculture, heavy duty applications and OEM applications.

SMO3100 – The SMO3100 pressure transducer has received an E1 certificate meaning it has been approved for Automotive applications. Like the rest of our high pressure transducers, it is well suited to heavy duty industrial application. The SMO3100 contains no internal “o” rings making the sensor hermetically sealed.

Advantages of our High Pressure Transducers

Our high pressure transducers have the following advantages

  • High strength
  • Rugged design
  • Low cost
  • High performance
  • Wider operating temperature range
  • Custom designs available
  • One year warranty

High pressure transducers are just part of our range of pressure transducers; we also have miniature designs, titanium transducers, level meters, differential pressure units and more – browse our full range on our website.

For more information on our high pressure transducers or to discuss your application please contact us.

Article published on: 10/08/2020