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Industrial Load Cells

Industrial applications using load cells.

If you are looking for weight or force feedback in an industrial application Variohm are well suited to help you.


Our wide range of load cells include: single point, shear beam, compression, bending beam, dual shear beam and tension/compression load cells. We also have a selection of miniature and sub miniature load cells which can be used in industrial applications.

Industrial Environment Load Cell Uses

To work effectively in Industrial environments load cells must be:

·         Durable

·         Reliable

·         High quality

The load cells we offer use high-quality materials and modern technologies, making them well suited for use.

Some industrial applications which load cells are used for are:

·         Belt scales

·         Weighbridges

·         Hopper scales

·         Platform weighing

·         Industrial scales

·         On-board weighing

·         Industrial process and control

·         Industrial weighing systems

·         Livestock weighing

·         Force measurement

Types of Load Cells available from Variohm

Because they are rugged and reliable, many of the load cells we can offer are suitable for industrial applications.  Materials used are Aluminium, Alloy and Stainless Steel giving a wide variety depending on your industrial application and environment, including hermetically sealed types for the harshest conditions.

Single point load cells – These are often used for scales; they can accept and measure loads even if they are off centre when used with correct size platforms.

Shear beam and dual shear beam load cells – Often used in multiples and can be used in parallel for an ‘averaged’ weight output.

Compression load cells – compression load cells have a long life, high accuracy and high reliability making them well suited to industrial applications where reliability is required.

Bending beam load cells – these are suitable for tension and compression loading. They are well suited to platform or belt scales.

S Type load cellsIdeal for compression and tension from 25kg to 10 metric tonnes.

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Article published on: 01/04/2019