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Industrial Pressure Transducers

A pressure transducer - also known as a pressure transmitter - is a sensor which converts pressure into either an analogue or digital signal so that it can be processed by the user.

Industrial Pressure Transducers are suitable for use within harsh industrial environments and applications. They have certain characteristics which ensure they are not compromised within harsher, more demanding areas.  

Industrial Pressure Transducers have a rugged enclosure; they are often water resistant as well as being resistant to dirt and dust. They are robust, strong and offer high accuracy within harsh and demanding surroundings. They have a wide operating temperature range to ensure accuracy.  

Features of our Industrial Pressure Transducers 

The Industrial Pressure Transducers from Variohm have a robust modular design. We have a range of sizes available from 12mm in diameter. Our industrial pressure sensors also have the following features; 


  • Up to 5,000 Bar
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • IP65 up to IP69K
  • No internal o rings
  • Wide operating temperature range 
  • Long term stability
  • High accuracy
  • Miniature designs
  • Different connection options
  • Analogue or digital output
  • Pressure types; Vacuum, Absolute or Gauge

We also have industrial pressure transducers for;

  • SIL 2 Rated, PL:d
  • ATEX Zone 0 and Zone1

Many of these features are customisable to the specifications required by the application. Contact us to find the best solution for you.

Industrial Pressure Transducer Applications

Industrial Pressure Transducers are suitable for applications including (but not limited to);

  • Compressors
  • Hydraulics
  • Manufacturing
  • Automation
  • Utilities
  • Power stations
  • Agriculture
  • Materials testing
  • HVAC

Considerations when selecting your Industrial Pressure Transducer 

When selecting an Industrial Pressure Transducer for your application it is important to account for the following;

Pressure range - pressure range is the most important factor; choosing an industrial pressure transducer with a range which is too wide would only use a small amount of the range meaning it would not be as accurate. Choosing a pressure transducer with a range which is too small may damage the sensor whilst in use. It is recommended to use a pressure sensor where the application pressure ranges use roughly 50-75% of the sensors over all pressure range. 

Accuracy - accuracy is another important factor when it comes to selecting a pressure transducer. The desired accuracy level varies depending on the application. If your application requires a high level of accuracy it is best to choose a pressure transducer with +/-0.1% accuracy.

Temperature - very often in industrial environments the temperatures can be very high, for this reason it is important to choose a pressure transducer with a wide operating temperature range. This will mean the accuracy of the pressure transducer will not be compromised in an industrial environment. 

Environment - as well as being dirt and dust resistant, industrial pressure transducers will often be resistant to shock and vibration. Depending on what environment they will be operating in, this will have to be considered. The amount of space available within the application also needs to be taken into consideration as this affects the size of sensor selected. 

Industrial Pressure Transducers from Variohm

Because all of our pressure transducers possess the above features, the majority of them are suitable for use in industrial applications and can be seen here

To discuss your application or for more information on any of the products in our range please contact us.  


Article published on: 01/08/2019