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Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transducers

We have a range of pressure transducers which are suitable for intrinsically safe applications. What is an Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transducer and what kind of applications are they suitable for?

The certifications our intrinsically safe pressure transducers hold are ATEX/IECEx and UL/CSA approval. 

What is an Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transducer?

The term “Intrinsically-safe” refers to equipment and devices which, during use, will not release enough thermal or electrical energy to cause ignition of any surrounding hazardous materials (gases, vapours, dust etc) this can be in either standard or abnormal environments.  

This means that an intrinsically safe pressure transducer will not cause any hazardous materials or gases to ignite during use. 

Intrinsically safe sensors are not “explosion-proof” however, where intrinsically safe sensors are used most other equipment will be explosion-proof. Explosion-proof devices will contain an explosion if one should occur - intrinsically safe sensors cannot be used to replace explosion-proof elements of applications.  

Intrinsically safe pressure transducers can also be referred to as hazardous area pressure transducer as this is often how the environment is described.

As well as a range of intrinsically safe pressure transducers we also have some explosion-proof pressure transducers so please contact us with your requirements.

Applications for Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transducers

Intrinsically safe sensors are used in applications where the atmosphere may contain fuel and oxygen which can cause a risk of explosion.

Some applications where intrinsically safe pressure transducers are used are;

  • Industrial OEM Equipment
  • Water Management and External Tank Levels
  • HVAC Equipment and Applications
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems
  • Hydrogen Storage Applications
  • Water Management
  • Data Loggers

Intrinsically Safe Sensors from Variohm

We have a range of Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transducers from our suppliers ADZ Nagano and TE Connectivity. These can be seen on our Pressure Transducers Page and Hazardous Area Pressure Transducers Page.

Some of the features of Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transducers we can offer are;

  • Class I Division 1 Groups A, B, C, D Intrinsically Safe when installed with the approved barrier (UL / CSA)
  • ATEX / IECEx: Class I Zone 0 Exia IIC T4 Ga (Ta = -40°C to +80°C)
  • 4-20mA or voltage outputs
  • High accuracy
  • Up to 2000 bar
  • Wide operating temperature range

For full details on our intrinsically safe pressure transducers look at our product pages;

For more information on our intrinsically safe pressure transducers or any of the products in our range please contact us.

Article published on: 28/09/2020