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Introduction to Sensors

At Variohm, we are sensor specialists, we have a wide range of different sensors which are used throughout many different industries and applications.

Here, we will give a brief introduction to sensors, discussing the most popular types and applications where they can be found.

Sensors can be found all around us; you will probably have come into contact with sensors every day. They are present in the home, the office, cars, buses, trains, computers, phones, coffee machines, kettles, washing machines, medical facilities, labs, power plants, restaurants, kitchens, food processing factories, production lines, manufacturing facilities and many more.

What is a Sensor?

A Sensor is a device used to measure sensing a change in the environment they are in. Some sensors have integrated processors to give an output in a different format. The measurement taken will be processed and the result of the process, the output will be given.

The output can then be used to cause something to change or move.

Sensors can be used to monitor various changes, they could be changes in;

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Position
  • Weight
  • And more…

Introduction to Sensors – Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are extremely common and well used in industrial settings as well as commercial applications.

Temperature sensors are used to measure the change in temperature in various matters. This is sometimes done by monitoring the change in electrical resistance.  This is how thermistors, RTDs and many temperature probes work.

There are many different types of temperature sensors available, they come in various shapes, sizes and types. Our portfolio includes the following types: thermistors, probes, thermocouples, RTDs and temperature transducers to name a few.

Our range of temperature sensors can be found on our website. Find out more about the different types available and their applications.  

Introduction to Sensors – Pressure Sensors

There are two main types of pressure sensors; pressure transducers which give an accurate measurement of applied pressure and pressure switches, which have a set limit and switch when this limit is reached. They can be used to monitor the pressure in liquids and gases.

Pressure sensors that are used for underwater applications are often referred to as liquid level meters. They can determine the liquid level within a tank based on the pressure measured.

Pressure sensors can measure different types of pressure such as gauge, differential, absolute or vacuum. Most sensors will take this measurement in either Bar or PSI.

Take a look at the Pressure Sensor range on our website for more information.

Introduction to Sensors – Position Sensors

Position sensors are used across a variety of industries to measure displacement. Displacement can be either linear or rotary and a corresponding position sensor will be required to take the measurement.

Position sensors are one of our biggest categories because of the number of different technologies used within the different types of sensors. Position sensing technology can be either contacting or non-contacting. Contacting technologies tend to be lower cost but the non-contacting technologies tend to have a longer life. These considerations will need to be considered when selecting a position sensor for an application.

See our range of position sensors on our website.

Introduction to Sensors – Load Cells and Force Sensors

Load cells are used to measure force and weight of various matters. They can be used for a wide range of applications, from simple bathroom or kitchen scales right up to monitoring onboard loads for heavy duty vehicles.

Like our other sensor types, load cells are available in various shapes and sizes, each one is suitable for taking a different type of weight/ force measurement.

Most load cells use internal strain gauges to measure the force applied. The strain gauges will change shape based on the smallest alterations in load causing a change in the output which can be processed to give an accurate measurement.

See our full range of load cells here for more information. 

Other Types of Sensors

As well as the above types of sensors we also offer;

  • Vibration sensors
  • Fluid property sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Piezo sensors
  • Dials and knobs
  • Flow and level switches
  • Displays and interfaces
  • Magnets
  • Strain gauges
  • Photo optic sensors

Contact us for more information on any of the types of sensors we offer.

Sensors from The Variohm Group

Variohm Eurosensor is one of the companies within the Variohm Group. For more information on the companies within the group and what each one can offer – take a look at our Group Capabilities Infographic.

If you would like more information on any type of sensor from Variohm Eurosensor or any of the companies in the group please contact us.



Article published on: 30/04/2021