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Load Cell Types and Applications

Load cells are available in many different forms or types. Each type has features which make it well suited to applications depending on the requirement.

What are Load Cells?

Load cells are a type of sensor which are used to measure force and load. They convert the force into an electrical signal. Many load cells use internal strain gauges in order to do this. The strain gauges react to the compression and the change in resistance results in a change in output.

Load Cell Types and Applications

Single Point Load Cells  

Single point load cells are the most common type of load cell available on the market today. They are often hermetically sealed. They have the ability to measure off centre loads which is useful for building scales, they offer high reliability and high accuracy. Single point load cells are often used in low capacity compact weighing systems.

Applications of Single Point Load Cells

As one of the most diverse load cells, single point have many applications; Counting scales, balances, bag fillers, retail, medical weighing, packaging, pricing scales and industrial weighing. Take a look at our range of Single Point Load Cells here.

S-Type Load Cells

S-Type load cells take their name from their shape. They give excellent performance in both tension and compression applications. They offer high endurance, compact designs making them suitable for tight environments. Many S types also have an option for ATEX approval making them suitable for hazardous conditions.

Applications of S-Type Load Cells

Applications for S-Type load cells include; hoppers and truck scales, tank level scales, mechanical to electrical scales conversions, level and inventory monitoring. See our range of S-Type load cells here.   

Tension/Compression Load Cells

Most load cells can be referred to as Compression Load cells so this type is vast. They are compact cells with the ability to carry high capacity loads and are known for being highly accurate. They are particularly well suited to industrial applications where reliability is required.

Applications of Tension/ Compression Load Cells

Compression load cells are widely used for platform scales, hopper scales, automobile testers, track scales and electronic weighing devices.Our Compression load cells can be seen here.

Shear Beam and Bending Beam Load Cells

Bending beam load cells often offer low profile construction and can be integrated into restricted areas. They are very cost efficient and some models are corrosion resistant and well suited to harsh environments.

Applications of Shear Beam and Bending Beam Load Cells

Bending beam load cells are well used for OEM applications and in multiple cell applications such as tank weighing and industrial process control. They are also well used in force measuring applications, static weight and dynamic weighing. See our Shear Beam and Bending Beam load cells.

Miniature Load Cells

Miniature and sub miniature load cells are small in size with a low profile design – some of them are less than 1cm in height. This makes them well suited to applications where space can be an issue. Although they are small they are still rugged and highly reliable.

Applications for Miniature Load Cells

Test benches, industrial weighing applications prototype structures. See our Miniature load cells.

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Article published on: 03/06/2019