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Load Cell Types for Platform Scales

Load cells are used throughout many industries for different applications. They are part of our product range here at Variohm.

One common use for load cells is on platform scales or platform weighing machines. Depending on the size of the item(s) which require weighing, different types of weighing scales and therefore different types of load cells are used.  

They have a platform (hence the name Platform Scales) for items to be placed on and weighed, either alloy or stainless steel can be used in the construction.

Load cells are used within platform scales to give accurate weight measurement of the objects placed onto the platform.

Many platform scales are on wheels so they can easily be manoeuvred throughout the workplace. They are used by both large companies in warehouses and smaller retail companies

Shear Beam Load Cells for Platform Scales  

Platform scales are used as industrial weighing instruments, a type of scale typically for weighing heavier items where stability of the platform is crucial to the application.  Think of a vehicle or livestock moving on and off from the platform, you need to ensure it’s safe and stable during this transition.  A rough surface can also be used for additional grip.

These applications require multiple shear beams and are commonly used with a junction box to give the total weight regardless of where on the platform the load is applied.

Shear beam load cells are generally;

  • Highly precise  
  • Highly accurate  
  • Robust  
  • Have protection ratings (IP68)  
  • Corrosion-resistant  
  • Have higher capacities than single point load cells
  • Often constructed of alloy steel & stainless steel

Single Point Load Cells for Platform Scales

Single point load cells can be used for small to medium-sized platforms. Think of kitchen or bathroom scales.

For these applications, a single load cell is used with a specific sized platform.  The load cell is then ‘corner corrected’ to ensure accuracy.

In general, single point load cells are;

  • Highly accurate  
  • Highly reliable  
  • Protection rated - usually IP65,IP66, IP67 and even a version that’s IP69K  
  • Often constructed of stainless steel or aluminium  

Single point load cells are used in platform scales so regularly that they are often referred to as “Platform Load Cells”. The main reason they are so well suited to this application is because of their ability to accept off centre loads. The user doesn’t have to place the object in the exact centre of the scale for the load cell to give an accurate reading. This allows the platform scale to be very precise.

Find out more about single point load cells

Load Cells for Weighing Scales

Other weighing scales are used for more industrial and heavier items than that which you would use platform scales for. They operate on a similar principle but require more than one load cell to ensure accurate weight is taken and can take a larger capacity.

Weighbridges are a good example for this and dual shear beam load cells are used for this application as the total weight being measured has to include the heavy platform, the vehicle and its contents.

Load cells for Weighing Scales from Variohm

Take a look at all of our single point, shear beam and dual shear beam load cells, many of them have OIML approvals and can be tested for ATEX approval.

We also have Indicators and displays that can be used in weighing applications

For more information on our load cells or any of the products, we offer please contact us: +44(0)1327 3651004 or sales@variohm.com we are happy to help you select the best sensor for your application.

Article published on: 01/07/2019

Article last updated on: 01/07/2019