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Load Cells for Weighing

Load Cells for Weighing

Weighing is the most common application for load cells. Most load cells can be incorporated into a type of scale. 

Here at Variohm we can supply a wide range of load cells for weighing. All of our load cells are high quality, industrial and come from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. 

Load cells are the heart of the weighing system. A load cell is an electrical instrument which converts mechanical force into electrical output signals. They are extremely accurate transducers and provide the user with information vital for weighing applications.

Load Cells for Weighing from Variohm 

Just some of the load cells for weighing we offer include;

Single point load cells - well suited to weighing in small to medium platform scales, single point load cells are one of the most common types of load cells.   

S-Type load cells - suitable for weighing suspended loads in tension applications 

Compression load cells - for weighing applications in industrial applications 

Shear beam load cells for weighing applications in platform scales and dual shear beam load cells for weighing in tank silo and hopper scales. 

As well as load cells we can also offer junction boxes and weight indicators. 

Weighing application examples

Load cells are often used for weighing in the following applications; 

  • Platform scales
  • Counting scales
  • Hopper scales
  • Silo scales
  • Tank scales
  • Weighbridges 
  • Onboard weighing 

Features of our Load Cells for Weighing

Many of our load cells have the following features;

  • IP rating - from IP64 to IP69k
  • Atex approval
  • Stainless steel, Aluminium or alloy steel
  • OIML Approval
  • Various platform sizes 

Load Cells from Variohm 

We have a full range of load cells available, we have been supplying load cells for many years now. The most common weighing applications we are approached for are on board weighing and platform scales. 

For more information on the different types of load cells we can offer take a look at the load cell section of our website

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Article published on: 29/11/2019