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Medical Sensors

Sensors and transducers are being used more frequently within the medical industry and have many different uses. They often play an important role in monitoring patients, treatment and for use within machines and devices. 

Types of Medical Sensors 

There are many different types of sensors currently being used within the medical industry. To be used within this industry sensors may require certifications. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the usage of a sensor in a medical application. 

Some sensors being used in the medical industry today are;

  • Pressure switches 
  • Temperature probes 
  • Cable extension transducers
  • Footswitches 
  • Hand controls
  • Pressure transducers
  • Temperature sensors
  • Linear potentiometers 


Medical Sensor Uses and Applications 

Sensors are used within the medical industry for patient monitoring and also for use on medical machines and devices. Some uses for sensors within this industry are;

Oncology machines and MRI machines - cable extension transducers are used to make sure the device has the correct position to be able to function and take accurate readings. 

Oxygen tanks and other gas tanks - a pressure switch is constantly monitoring the amount of gas in the tanks. Once the gas level gets too low, the pressure within the tank will drop causing the switch to activate alerting medical staff that the tank is nearly empty. 

Thermal compression units – these are used by patients to speed up recovery time - these machines use pressure sensors to ensure the correct level of pressure is applied to the patient. 

For temperature monitoring in patients - temperature sensors and probes are used. Some of these are placed on the skin surface of the patient.

Hand Switches and Foot controls – these are used for manoeuvring medical equipment such as medical beds. For more information on medical hand controls and footswitches take a look at our sister company Herga Technology 


Other applications include; 

  • Vacuum suction pumps
  • Piezo sensors for sleep apnea studies
  • Blood sugar measuring devices
  • Sterilising processes
  • DNA Sampling Machines 


Medical Sensors from Variohm

We have many sensors available for use within the medical industry;


Please contact us to discuss your application so we can help to select the sensor which is best suited. 

Read about some of our medical sensor applications in more detail


Article published on: 04/02/2020