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Our Motorsport Sensors

Our Motorsport Sensors.

Linear transducers for Motorsport.

We are best known in the Motorsport industry for our Variohm Linear Position Sensor series, other-wise known as the VLP series. The VXP model, part of the VLP family, is variant which uses high temperature materials throughout so that this particular range can withstand short periods of 175 degrees and has a normal working temperature 150 degrees. This ability makes the VXP ideal for motorsport applications. You may also have heard of our ELP which is a smaller, lighter version of the VXP which offers additional weight saving. See our full range of Linear Potentiometers suitable for Motorsport applications here.

Rotary Position Sensors for Motorsport.

Our Rotary Position sensors are available utilising potentiometric or using Hall technology. Here again we offer working temperatures of up to 175 degrees combined with very good accuracy performance.  These units are also well suited to the harsh environments experienced in the Motorsport industry. Some of the miniature sizes of our rotary position sensors are currently being used on the road legal super cars. See all of our Motorsport Rotary Position sensors here.

Pressure Sensors for Motorsport.

Our range of Motorsport sensors also includes pressure transducers. We can offer 2 bar up to 250 bar in a range of sizes. These are suitable for many applications within the motorsport industry, for example; measuring manifold pressure or measuring brake pressure, visit the pressure page of our Motorsport Sensors section here.

Temperature Sensors for Motorsport.

We also offer temperature sensors within our Motorsport product range.  We can offer bespoke temperature sensors used for various applications for liquid and gas temperature measurement around the cars. Our full range of Temperature sensors which are suitable for Motorsport can be found here.

Other Motorsport Sensors and Applications

We have a range of Laser based height sensors which are used to measure the ride height on the car and a selection of infrared temperature sensors which can be used for measuring tyre temperature up to 12000 degrees. 

For more information on our range of Motorsport Sensors you can visit the Motorsport section of our website, or contact one of our sales team on 01327 351004. You can also watch our video below.

We will be featuring our Motorsport Sensors at exhibitions throughout the year, take a look at our exhibition schedule to see where you can find us throughout the year.


Article published on: 07/01/2015