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Our Top 5 Position Sensors

As you know, we manufacture and supply a range of different sensor types to multiple industries for a variety of applications.



We have taken some time to review some of our most popular position sensors. Here are our Top 5 Position Sensors.








1)  The RSC2800 Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor

RSC2800The RSC2800 Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor from Novotechnik uses non- contacting magnetic technology and can measure up to 360Ëš. It is available with protection class IP54, IP65 or IP67 and as a single output or a redundant sensor. The RSC2800 Non-Contacting Rotary Position Sensor offers a wide range of electrical interfaces & outputs along with long life. It has simple mounting, using elongated slots in either side of the high grade temperature resistant plastic material housing and is European E1 approved.



2) Vert-X 13 Non Contacting Rotary Position Sensor

The Vert-X-13 Non Contacting Rotary Position Sensor is from our supplier Contelec. It uses a Vert-X 13contactless measuring method and has very long life. It is small in size making it well suited to applications where space is restricted. The Vert-X-13 Non Contacting Rotary Position Sensor has full resolution and accuracy at the programmed electrical angle and full redundancy is possible with this sensor. It has been used in the past for Access Control Gates, Joysticks and CCTV cameras along with various medical applications.


3) WDGI 58B Rotary Encoder

WDGIThe WDGI 58B Rotary Incremental Encoder is from Wachendorff. It is a rugged industrial standard encoder. The housing is constructed of die cast aluminium with eco-friendly powder coating, the shaft is constructed of stainless steel. It has all round IP67 protection and the shaft is sealed to IP65. The WDGI 58B Rotary Encoder offers maximum mechanical and electrical safety available with a resolution of up 25,000PPR.





4) SP1 Cable Extension Transducer          

Cable extension Transducers are also known as string pots or draw wire sensors. The SP1 Cable Extension Transducer from Measurement Specialties is part of their compact range. The SP1 has small dimensions and a handy mounting bracket, it can be easily mounted in several directions. There are 4 different measurement ranges available for the SP1 Cable Extension Transducer in one package size from 4”-50” stroke ranges and is well suited to many applications from light industrial to OEM.







5) VLP Linear Potentiometer Series

The final of our Top 5 Position Sensors is a Variohm product. The VLP Linear Potentiometer Series has outstanding repeatability and linearity. It is dual sealed for longer life and is available in up to 250mm stroke lengths in 25mm or 50mm increments. The VLP Linear Potentiometer Series has self-aligning pivot bearing mountings and elastomer damped wipers for shock and vibration durability offering sealing to IP67 and temperature ranges of up to +175c.






For more information on each of our Top 5 Position Sensors you can view the data sheets by clicking the links below.


Vert X 13




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Are you currently using one or more of our Top 5 Position Sensors? If so, what is your application?

Article published on: 13/10/2015