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Position Sensor Applications

Position Sensors are one of the most diverse sensors used across a huge range of industries

Position Sensors can be used to measure either linear or rotary position using a whole range of sensing technologies.

Position Sensors are used for many different applications, anything which requires measurement of movement will use a type of position sensor.

We have supplied position sensors for applications in industries including; Motorsport, Automotive, Industrial Sector, Medical Applications, Automotive, Mobile Vehicle, Hydraulics, Aerospace and so many more. Here are some of our applications;

 Motorsport and Automotive Position Sensor Application


  • Steering angle and gear position
  • Clutch/throttle actuation and pedal position
  • Suspension  - on cars with our ELPM, and motorbikes with ELPM-POP

Industrial Position Sensor Applications

  • Machine builder – position feedback (textile machines and welding machines)
  • Structural testing
  • Nuclear plants
  • Automotive testing

Medical Position Sensor Applications

  • Oncology machines  
  • MRI machines  

Other Position Sensor Applications


  • Ticket Barriers on the London Underground - position sensors determine when the gates open and close  
  • Special Effects on Films - things aren’t always what they seem and very often position sensors make this happen  
  • Segways - our Partner Novotechnik supplied sensors which are used on Segways  
  • Ramp Positioning - Our sensors were used on the Dover ferry port to ensure the ramp was at the correct position for loading and offloading.  
  • Bridge movement - the London Peninsula bridge has a movement requirement to allow boats to pass underneath - our sensors ensure that the bridge is held at the correct position.  
  • Elevator lifts - there are different types of position sensors on an elevator lift, they typically use encoders for position feedback.  

Position Sensors from Variohm

Overall there is a huge range of different applications which use position sensors which is why there are so many different types of position sensors.

See our full range of position sensors here or for more specific requirements select a category from the list below.

If you have specific requirements make sure you contact us so we can help find a solution which is best for you. +44(0)1327 351004 or sales@variohm.com

Article published on: 13/06/2019

Article last updated on: 13/06/2019