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Position Sensor Examples

There are many different types of position sensor available to suit various applications. You may be surprised to know the amount of position sensors which are being used in everyday devices that you may have come into contact with.

What is a position sensor?

A position sensor is a type of electro mechanical device which gives feedback on movement and position. This could be either rotary movement, linear movement or sometimes detection of movement within a certain area depending on the application in hand.

Types of Position Sensor

Position sensors are one of our more popular product categories, there are a large amount of types available.

We have a range of different types of position sensors; linear, rotary and tilt.

Our position sensors use many different types of technologies, each one is well suited to a different industry and application.

Position Sensor Examples

Some examples of position sensor applications are;

Elevators – position sensors are used in elevators to move them up and down, detect which floor they are on and to ensure the doors are in the correct position when open and shut.

Phones – Tilt sensors are a type or rotary sensor. Within smart phones there are tiny tilt sensors which are used to signal the screen rotation when the phone is turned on its side.  

Segways – have you ever ridden on a Segway? Rotary sensors are used within segways to help them balance and help you stay upright.

Ticket barriers – position sensors are used to monitor the position of various barriers; this could be for cars, people or other vehicles. The sensors will monitor that the barrier is in the correct position when open or closed.

Robotics – position sensors are used to monitor the movement of robotic arms. This could be on surveillance cameras or other robotic machinery. This is an up and coming industry for research and development.

Steering measurement – Position sensors are used within steering mechanisms for a whole host of vehicles; agriculture, industrial, motorsport, mobile vehicle and many more.

Medical devices – position sensors are widely used in medical devices. Did you know there is a position sensor to detect the patient is exactly in the centre of an MRI machine?

These are just a few examples of position sensors. As you can see – position sensors are all around us, constantly sensing our world.

Position Sensors from Variohm

We have a wide portfolio of position sensors which can be seen on our website.

Our range includes our own sensors which are designed and manufactured onsite as well a vast range from our trusted suppliers.

For more information on position sensors or for help finding your solution please contact us.

Article published on: 26/04/2022