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Position Sensors for Motorsport

The Motorsport Industry is a common sector for our sensors to be used within. We have been delivering high class products into the Motor Racing Industry for many years.

Position Sensors is one of our main product categories, we have a range of position sensors proven in the Motorsport Industry.


Many of our Motorsport Position Sensors have been designed and manufactured in house, taking our customer needs into consideration. They have added features to make them suitable for the demanding environments typical within the Motorsport industry.

Position Sensors for Motorsport

Our range of position sensors for Motorsport includes both Linear and Rotary sensors.

Rotary Position Sensors for Motorsport

We have both traditional Potentiometric sensors along with our Euro-X from our own range of Hall Effect position sensors. The Euro-X range offers programmable angles up to 360 degrees with selectable mounting options. Due to the environment that these sensors are working in, they have an operating temperature of -40°C to +125°C and sometimes up to 150°C for short periods of time.

We have one and two part sensors available in our rotary range with different outputs available including ratiometric, potentiometric and redundant.

Applications for Rotary Position Sensors in the Motorsport Industry include

·         Throttle Position Sensing

·         Steering Angle Measurement

·         Suspension

·         Gearbox

 Our range of rotary position sensors for motorsport can be found on our website 

Linear Position Sensors for Motorsport

Our range of Linear Position Sensors for Motorsport includes our own range of potentiometers.

Our linear potentiometers include the ELPM, ELPM POP and the VXP. They have added features and benefits which make them well suited to the demanding Motorsport Industry, like the rotary position sensors they have a wide operating temperature range – from -30°C to +150°C or even 175°C short term. They use elastomer damped wipers for shock and vibration durability and are extremely compact so they can fit into tight spaces.

Our Motorsport Linear Position Sensors range has been ruggedised to ensure it is well suited to the environments of the Motorsport industry and offers IP67 protection.

Our Linear Position Sensors for Motorsport are suitable for use on both 4 and 2 wheel high performance vehicles. Some applications include;

·         Ride height

·         Brake

·         Throttle

·         Steering

All of our linear position sensors for motorsport can be found on our website 

About our Motorsport Range

Our Motorsport sensors are well-proven, reliable & rugged making them perfect for the extreme environments they will be up against when used within the Motorsport industry. They are often small in size & lightweight, so that they fit into tight spaces which is key for this industry.

As well as offering customisable sensors we also have a range of stock products which may be available for faster delivery. Contact us if you need help with your Motorsport application.

See our full Motorsport range of sensors

Also Suitable for Motorsport Applications

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·         Combined Pressure and Temperature Sensors

·         Infrared Temperature Sensors

·         Temperature Sensors

·         Laser Sensors

·         Acceleration and Gyro Sensors

·         Speed Sensors   

Article published on: 15/02/2019