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Pressure Sensor Uses

Pressure Sensors are one of our main product categories; we mainly supply pressure switches and pressure transducers.

Pressure sensors can be used across many industries, this blog post will explain more about pressure sensor uses.

Pressure sensors have many uses; some of them are very common and are used in everyday objects. Others are very specialist and would only be found in specific industries. Many of our pressure sensors can be tailored to your requirements making them suitable for:-

·         Vacuum operation

·         High temperature environments

·         Chemical applications

·         ATEX Certified areas

·         SIL Rated requirements

Pressure Sensor Uses – Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are available with either one port (known as static or gauge pressure switches) or two ports (differential pressure switch) they are well known for their quick response time and dependable long life, they are small in size and generally a low-cost solution. Many of our pressure switches have standard port and mounting options.

Below are some uses for pressure switches, many of these are common in everyday life.

·         Alarm systems on HVAC boiler room controls

·         Monitoring the oxygen levels in pressure tanks in the medical industry

·         Water levels in household appliances such as washing machines

·         Liquid dispensing in coffee machines

·         Medical Breathing apparatus

·         Detecting blocked filters in fans and extraction units

Pressure Sensor Uses – Pressure Transducers

Pressure transducers are more complicated than pressure switches. They often cost a little extra but are stronger and more robust. They are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions when it comes to temperature, water and dirt. For this reason, they are suitable for more industrial applications and applications on vehicles. They offer excellent accuracy and high strength.

Some of our own Pressure Transducers (the EPT range) have no internal O rings which enables them to offer even higher accuracy and longer life. We also have miniature designs available and combined pressure and temperature sensors for applications where space is restricted.

Some uses for pressure transducers are;

·         Breaking applications on long railway vehicles

·         Motorsport applications, including brake, oil, fuel and MAP.

·         Industrial gauge and vacuum pressure measurement

·         Refrigeration systems

·         Robotics

·         Automation

·         Off-road construction

·         Agricultural applications

If you have an application for pressure sensors and want to know more about their uses please contact us for more information; 01327 351004 or

Article published on: 21/09/2017