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Pressure Transducer Applications

Pressure transducers are part of our pressure range here at Variohm. We have been supplying pressure transducers into a range of different industries and applications for over forty years. 

In our time supplying pressure transducers we have come across many different applications - below we go on to discuss a few. 

What is a Pressure Transducer? 

A pressure transducer is a sensor which takes measurement and gives a real-time reading of pressure. This is different from a pressure switch which reacts to pressure when a limit is reached.

A pressure transducer can measure either absolute, gauge, differential or vacuum pressure depending on the specifications of the applications and the sensor. 

Pressure transducers are so versatile and used throughout most industries giving accurate pressure measurement. They are suitable for complex applications where the need to monitor exact pressure is required.  

Pressure Transducer Applications 

Some of the more complex pressure transducer applications we have been a part of include;

Brake pressure - pressure transducers are used to monitor the brake pressure in both road vehicles and railway vehicles. 

Oil and fuel pressure - in motorsport vehicles pressure transducers are used to ensure the oil and fuel pressure is at the correct level to ensure driver safety. 

HVAC Applications - pressure transducers are used in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications to monitor the heater pumps, cooling liquids, liquid levels and process and control. 

Medical Applications - Pressure transducers are used within the medical industry to monitor gas analysers, to give feedback on various fitness machines, to monitor disinfection liquid levels. 

Motorsport and Test Equipment - as well as monitoring brake pressure, pressure transducers are also used to monitor other aspects of the vehicle such as speed shifter. We have a range of pressure transducers which have been designed with Motorsport applications in mind, they are dual pressure and temperature transducers which can save space in this kind of environment. 

Commercial Vehicles - pressure transducer applications also involve commercial vehicles, they are used to monitor air suspension, ABS and hydraulics within the engine. 

Safety-critical applications - for safety-critical applications including areas such as off-road, construction and agricultural vehicle applications we have our SMO3100, find out more about this sensor here.  

Pressure Transducers from Variohm 

We have a range of Eurosensor Pressure Transducers (EPT) which can be viewed on our website. Each one has different specifications making it suited to different applications, some are smaller in size, or have different approvals or different pressure ranges. If you need help or advice when selecting your pressure transducer please contact us. 

Most of our pressure transducers have the following features and specifications 

  • Operating temperature range -40 to 125°C
  • Pressure options; Vacuum, absolute and gauge
  • Measuring pressure up to 5000 bar
  • Analogue or digital output options 
  • Various process connection options 
  • High accuracy
  • Long term stability 

For more information on any of our pressure transducers or to discuss your application please contact us

Article published on: 10/02/2020